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Be a FieldStream legend with simplified job management software for tradies. Quotes, invoicing, schedules, payroll

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Be a FieldStream legend with simplified job management software for tradies. Quotes, invoicing, schedules, payroll

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Simple and effective on-the-go job management app.

Need an app that your entire team can get the hang of in under a day? You betcha – we’ve got you covered.

No need to go through the hassle of dealing with a bunch of fancy features and a ton of buttons. We’ve gone the simple route – because sometimes, less truly is more.

Don’t waste your work hours trying to wrap your head around confusing software. We understand that your time is better spent on more important things – and we’re all about that!

Image of a smart phone with the FieldStream login page showing

Mobile App

User-friendly mobile app has an intuitive interface, easy navigation, seamless functionality, and optimised design.

Manage Tasks

Streamlines tasks with management features like scheduling, real-time updates, collaboration, and data analytics.


ChatStream facilitates real-time communication, seamless collaboration, and efficient problem-solving, enhancing productivity and teamwork.

Quick Access

The quick Access feature on Fieldstream software allows users to retrieve information, improving workflow efficiency.

24 Hour Support

Our 24/7 Support offers continuous assistance and troubleshooting, ensuring prompt resolution of issues.

Manage Financials

Simplify financial management with automated processes, real-time tracking, and customisable reports.

No kidding!

 Field Stream is totally FREE for teams of up to four people! Test it out before committing, or before you scale up!


With FieldStream, you have the power to create new projects, tasks, purchase orders, bills, and invoices with ease. Equip your staff with the tools they need to work more efficiently and effectively. And with in-office managers able to organise and manage projects in real-time, your team can stay on top of deadlines and deliverables without missing a beat.

Image of FieldStream project management dashboard


Increase your field staff productivity by installing the app on smart devices. They can start tasks, record their time, make notes, take progress and completion photos and chat directly with other staff involved in the project – and all just one click away.

Man in tradesperson overalls sitting and looking at his phone and smiling with inset of the chat screen he is looking at.


Easily integrate with Xero accounting software to sync customer information, purchase orders, invoices and quotes.

Two screens, one with a FieldStream page and the other with a Xero page, with the Xero logo inset.


Use the ChatStream to effortlessly communicate with others on the project. Share and access documents, photos and receipts. Seamless communication between your in-office and on-site team has never been easier.

Mockup image of how the ChatStream would look on a laptop and also on a smart phone


Who can use FieldStream

Originally developed for a dynamic signage installations team, FieldStream has evolved into a comprehensive solution ideal for small to medium-sized on-the-go teams in various service industries. Its advanced features, including ChatStream and job organisation capabilities, enable seamless communication and efficient task management.

How does FieldStream work?

FieldStream empowers managers to efficiently oversee entire projects from the office dashboard, assigning tasks to employees and ensuring seamless task management. On-the-go employees can access the app to view their assigned tasks, track time, capture photos, complete checklists, and access important project documents. With ChatStream, the entire project team can communicate effectively, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

In which countries is FieldStream available?

FieldStream is currently available in Australia.

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