Making software easy to use for the whole team!

The making of the project manager's / team leader's best friend.

“We wanted to build software that was intuitive which allows users to learn the software in 1-2 hours.” – FieldStream Team

It began with a Project Manager of a Sign Installations Team.

FieldStream was developed to address a common issue: existing software was either too complex or lacking important features we needed. One standout feature is the in-app Realtime chat, which allows users to communicate directly on their phones. This enables open and easy communication with the team, no matter where they are, and even supports important photo uploads. Our photo categorization feature helps keep paperwork organized.

We designed FieldStream to be user-friendly, aiming for common users to learn and use it within just 1-2 hours. The app serves two sides: the field team and the project manager. For the field team, the app provides straightforward information. On the other hand, the team leader or project manager gains the ability to create new jobs and tasks, making it an ideal tool for managing teams efficiently. This software greatly aids project managers in team management and facilitates efficient communication between on-field teams and their leaders.