Keep everyone organised with clear task details.

Stay organized effortlessly. Ensure everyone is on track with clear and concise task details. No more confusion or missed deadlines – just streamlined teamwork and efficient progress.

Free. Forever. For Teams of up to 4 People. 

Simplify the process of generating a wide range of tasks with ease. Enter essential task particulars, establish precise dates and times for each task, and incorporate personalized messages that will be accessible to the entire designated team. This streamlined approach enhances task management by facilitating clear communication and efficient coordination.

The additional specific notes are integrated into the application version utilized by the on-field staff. These notes are conveniently organized within their own dedicated tab within the app, ensuring a straightforward presentation of details and additional information.

Each team member’s task details include their allocated time, enabling you to monitor their work hours effectively.

Project managers and team leaders possess the capability to access a succinct overview of time sheets linked to each task, simplifying the process of staying organized and in control of the workflow. Effectively managing teams has never been this effortless!